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Most beautiful beet cakes! We had a little Valentine's day tea party this afternoon (special request just the girls) and too a pink cake and frosting were needed. We bought some bulk beet powder from the Coop and when we mixed it in with the batter ingredients it turned a lovely shade of pink. After baking you never would have known though. The pink was cooked right out of them but the cakes were distinctively sweet - one mama asked if it was a banana cake. We made a simple frosting with butter and powdered sugar and the rest of the beet powder and it turned out delicious to eat and look at. Much love to you and yours this happy Valentine's day - your special delivery was a wonderful surprise - infused with love and sweetness. Thank you all so much! Kerry


Thanks Kerry! I just love your comments.

I had not thought of using the beet powder...great idea. It seems hard to keep the color in the cakes, but you can make up for it with the frosting. A Valentine's tea party sounds wonderful! I bet the girls had fun. Glad you liked the delivery! We had so much fun putting them together and secretly delivering them this afternoon. See you soon!

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