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Love it - all so true. My Ruby is 6 1/2 and there is this indoctrinated part of me that feels like she "needs" to be reading by now. She knows how to read some partly because we have sat down and gone over letters and words, but mostly she has picked up letter and word recognition on her own through play. She loves to make dolly birthday cards and invitations to tea parties and currently, valentines. She figured out how to spell Valentine's Day by referencing a book we had checked out from the library that had a Happy Valentine's Day banner on the wall in it. She remembered and went back and used it as her guide. We all have enough time. :)


Thanks for your comment Kerry! I love receiving little notes and cards from Ruby. It's so nice to remember that there is no race, no need to keep up...just plenty of time for our little ones to learn. Your family is one that I always feel inspired by...thank you!

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